Privacy Policy (CYD U) and other Evolution Health Systems Inc. (Evolution Health) programs provide you customized tools and information that will help you communicate with your health care professional. If you sign up Evolution Health programs you may be asked for some anonymous personal information. As you proceed through our programs you may also be asked for other information specific to your profile.

The following outlines the type of anonymous information collected and how it is used, and describes our Privacy Policy regarding the use of this data.

What kind of information is collected and why?

We do not ever sell or share email addresses, names, or addresses to third parties and we will not contact you with any marketing offers or spam.

How will this information be used?

We will not ever sell or share email identification, names, or addresses with third parties.

Your involvement in a world-wide health care movement

Evolution Health programs are truly unique as they allow you to easily become an active member of worldwide, ongoing CBT programs. The research data gathered from our programs are only reviewed on the basis of population, and will only be reviewed by Evolution Health and its advisors. No personal data will be used, forwarded or sold to an outside organization.

Your participation in Evolution Health programs will help future participants as we continually upgrade and improve our technology. At times you will be asked for your opinion on program elements you found useful and those you did not find useful. Your opinion is valuable to us.

If you choose to use Evolution Health programs you can consider yourself part of an advanced, ongoing effort to anonymously help those suffering from addictions and disorders that can be improved through behaviour modification or CBT.